Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions

Strengthen Social Infrastructure

  • To strengthen social support through local assistance schemed & social programmes
  • To promote social mobility
  • To encourage self help

Build Social Resilience and Social Capital

  • To strengthen community bonds
  • To encourage active citizenry

Promote Culture of Giving Back

  • To engender community and corporate ownership through volunteerism & Corporate Social Responsibility by adopting local causes, and partnering corporate, Grassroots Organisations, schools, Voluntary Welfare Organisations and community partners

Five Key Areas


Five Key Areas

The CDCs initiate and plan various programmes, schemes and activities broadly under:

Caring for the Vulnerable

The CDCs develop and implement local social support programmes and services to meet the needs of vulnerable residents. These local initiatives that complemented the national social assistance schemes, have benefitted over 100,000 beneficiaries. Examples of local social support initiatives are transport and food vouchers, bursaries, subsidised tuition, educational programmes and financial literacy programmes. CDCs also engage community stakeholders to identify emerging needs in our community.

Caring for the Elderly

The CDCs respond to the growing needs of the ageing Singapore society by initiating the ‘Caring for the Silver Community’ programme. The CDCs adopt a holistic approach to promote an active and healthy lifestyle amongst the elderly, strengthen assistance for vulnerable seniors and develop senior volunteerism. On the whole, the CDCs have many elderly programmes, reaching out to over 100,000 active and vulnerable elderly.

Caring for the Environment

CDCs actively encourage ground-up projects and collaborations among community stakeholders to promote greater awareness of environmental issues. These projects have helped to promote the 3Rs – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, fight against dengue, support national efforts to combat haze as well as other environmental and public hygiene issues. In 2014, CDCs have many environment programmes, with an outreach of 400,000.

Caring for Community Health

The CDCs are strong supporters of healthy lifestyle and spearhead the healthy lifestyle clubs, working closely with Grassroots Advisers and grassroots leaders, community partners and government agencies to build a strong briskwalking movement with over 130,000 members. Beyond healthy lifestyle activities, CDCs work closely with the health sector to plan health-social integration programmes.

Promoting CSR and Volunteerism

We continuously expanding our volunteer pool and deepening the engagement with our volunteers through diverse volunteering opportunities and sustainable programmes.

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