About Us

Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC)’s mission is to Assist the needy, Bond the people and Connect the community. The CDC serves close to one million residents living in the Central Singapore District. The CDC envisions itself as a Do-Good District, with a focus on helping residents live The Better Life. This includes helping residents level up in five key areas: Physical wellness, Financial wellness, Socio-emotional wellness, Lifelong-learning, and Service to others.

We do so through a suite of 52 community programmes that reach out to four key communities: Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors; and four key causes: Arts & Culture, Environment, Healthy Lifestyle and Special Needs. Two additional areas include Assistance Plus, for those who need additional help; and Enough Talk, to inspire more people to take action on the things they care for.

Aside from meeting ground needs through localised initiatives, the CDC also value-adds to the community as a whole – developing district-level initiatives, creating sustainable programme packages, and supporting meaningful community projects. Working with a variety of partners such as schools, Voluntary Welfare Organisations and the grassroots, the CDC brings together various community resources for a more holistic approach to community building.