EcoKnight SG is an initiative by Central Singapore Community Development Council and NEA Community Relations Department (Central Branch) / 3P Network Division that aims to foster a community of EcoKnight SG who cares and champions a Zero Waste environment as a way of life. The EcoKnight SG Award recognises passionate and proactive individuals who have contributed selflessly and helped to achieve a Zero Waste Singapore.

There are three main categories of Knighthood under the EcoKnight SG Award, namely: 

  • Level 1: EcoKnight An individual who cares for the environment within his/her personal or immediate boundary on a monthly basis. 
  • Level 2: EcoKnight Commander An individual who cares and organises Zero-Waste-related programmes and/or projects within a particular community on at least a fortnightly basis. 
  • Level 3: EcoKnight Master An individual who champions Zero-Waste-related causes with positive impact on a regular basis, and in addition, organises Zero-Waste-related programmes and/or projects within a particular district on at least a weekly basis.

There is also an armoury of eco-tips towards a Zero Waste environment based on the 6Rs - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose and Recycle.

To find out more about eco-friendly tips, visit EcoKnight SG’s Facebook Page. 


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