The I Am Talented (IAT) programme is anchored on the core belief of providing youths in Singapore with opportunities for self-discovery. These opportunities come in the form of participation in skills-based workshops and sharing sessions. The programme also aims to inspire youths towards attaining excellence in both non-academic and academic pursuits.

I Am Talented comprises of three structured Training Workshops by industry leaders, Sharing Sessions by speakers who overcame difficulties in life to achieve ‘success’. The programme has expanded to 15 workshops for 2016, and includes workshops such as mobile game building, stop motion photography, fashion design, broadcast journalism, dance, and sports coaching. Each run culminates in a show-and-tell finale, where the students will showcase products of their hard work from the various workshops.

The programme started in 2011 as a small-scale community outreach seminar by six youths – Mr David Hoe, Mr Kwan Jin Yao, Mr Laurence Putra, Ms Nurfadhilla Kamarul, Mr Melvin Tay and Mr Maurice Goh. Then, IAT was limited to a day-long programme, catering to hundred-odd participants. Over the years, IAT has grown from strength to strength.

In 2015, partnering with Central Singapore CDC, IAT has transformed into a wider-scale community-driven social empowerment initiative for secondary school students premised upon the 3Ds (Discovery, Diligence, and Determination). It is now a multi-sessional programme that seeks to provide an immersive journey of inspiration to participants through a range of workshops and keynote sessions, and comprehensively develop skillsets.

The programme now offers more students the opportunity to discover their talents and to pursue them alongside their academic goals.

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