The WeCare Arts Fund is a grant scheme by the National Arts Council (NAC) in partnership with the People’s Association. The fund aims to support Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) with arts-related projects through the five Community Development Councils (CDCs). Under the fund, artists/art groups may engage beneficiaries at the VWO through arts projects to help foster stronger bonds in the community.

Artists/art groups will work directly with the VWO to engage their beneficiaries through the performing, visual, literary or multi-disciplinary art-forms through:

  • Workshops (recommendation of 6-8 sessions)
  • Co-creation of performances and exhibitions, where beneficiaries go through the artistic process with the artist/group

All projects and related costs under the above projects will be supported by the WeCare Arts Fund. For more information, visit: or contact us at

Contact us:

Mr Wee Peng Yu
Team Leader, 
Partnerships & Programmes