Funding support for our community partners:

Mayor’s Helping Hand

This emergency fund is used to assist individuals and families experiencing an urgent financial crisis. Those requiring assistance must be referred to North East CDC by their local Grassroots Organisations (GROs), Social Service Offices (SSOs), Family Service Centres (FSCs) and/or Religious Organisations (ROs).

Who can apply for it?

Individuals or families:

  • Facing an existing or imminent crisis of a situation that threatens the physical health, safety and well-being of the applicant and his family, and/or
  • Without available resources to resolve the existing crisis or prevent the arising of more serious issues

(Eg: the sudden demise of the family’s sole breadwinner, or the temporary loss of their home due to fire or mishap)

North East Employment Programme Fund

Funding support for grassroots organisations and community partners, to support events and programmes that can help residents develop skills to enhance their career.