Started in April 2013, the Café Corner aims to be a platform where residents can gather and get to know other residents over a cup of beverage. This initiative has also been expanded to provide interim employment opportunities under the Community Employment Programme (CEP). Job seekers, mainly elderly are hired to manage the Café Corners.


Café Corner P.L.U.S


The objective to enhance the Café Corner with Café Corner P.L.U.S comprise of 4 pillars:   - People to Government:
Sharing new government policies such as Pioneer Generation Package, Medishield Life, etc.   - Lifeskills & Lifestyle:
Provide board game activities such as Rummy-O, card games, etc., monthly healthy cooking session (facilitated by HPB), art & crafts, magazines for leisure reading, etc.   - Understanding Your Health Status:
Provide basic health screening functions such as eye / ear checks, blood pressure check, thematic health talk by agencies, etc.   - Study or “Relax” corner:
Homework / study corner for youths, providing them with board game activities, etc.