When a person writes a will, he/she gives instructions on how his/her assets are to be distributed, and how his/her minor children are to be cared for.  A will can settle many disputes between family members and give certainty to how a person’s affairs are conducted after their death.

When a person loses mental capacity, if the person has left instructions in the form of a Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”), someone the person has nominated can step into the person’s shoes to handle his/her property and affairs and make decisions on her health and welfare.

LIFE Centre @ North East aims to provide accessible and pro-/lo-bono will writing and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Form 1 services to low-mid income residents based on their household income.  The Centre also aims to educate residents about wills and LPA so as to help prevent disputes that can arise after a person loses mental capacity or passes on.  It allows a person to have greater autonomy over their lives and assets.

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