The North East ElderSurf Intergen Bootcamp is a collaboration between the Infocomm Media Development Authority and North East Community Development Council. The bootcamps aim to help seniors stay digitally connected and to enjoy the benefits of technology.

Seniors will be provided with basic training on smartphones and mobile apps which may be relevant to seniors. The Bootcamps will also educate seniors on common cybercrimes and scams and on how to stay safe on the internet. Student volunteers will be attached to seniors to make learning more effective.

Course Outline

Session 1 
  • Introduction to Smartphones
Session 2
  • Lifestyle Apps & Scam Awareness 
  • Basic functions of smartphones
  • MyTransport App
  • Camera features/functions
  • Toggle/Me Radio Apps
  • Apple App Store/Google Play Store
  • Scam Awareness
  • YouTube
  • Police@SG Mobile App  


If you are interested to join the programme, please email to