North East Community Toy library is where fun, creativity and play are valued and promoted. To support play time for parents and their family members to spend time with their children and getting to know other children outside of their school environment. The library enhances the total developmental aspects of a child naturally since play is a child’s first motivation to learn.

At the library, children can play with a cabinet full of games and toys such as Lego, musical instruments and board games. The interaction with other playmates also helps to build their social skills. This is the only programme in Singapore that incorporates a play area at the void deck where children can learn to develop their social skills, appreciate toys that could be borrowed and shared, and for parents to donate their children’s pre-loved toys that are in good condition so that other children could benefit.

Building on the success of the Toy Library, NE CDC had taken a step further by launching the North East Integrated Community Toy Library to provide an inclusive space for the children with special needs to make friends with mainstream children. The first of its kind in Singapore, Integrated Community Toy Library, set up by the NECDC and Pasir Ris Elias Community Club (CC) was opened in Pasir Ris Elias Community Club on 19 June 2016. The inclusive Community Toy Library offers all children the opportunity to learn through play and most importantly, for children to learn to care for each other and their peers who need help. The toys at the library is also specially selected to cater for our special needs children. 

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