A-Better-Home @ North East


A-Better-Home @ North East
 aims to assist low-income residents with essential repair needs provided by a group of kind hearted professional contractors on a pro-bono or lo-bono basis. 

Scope of services:
1) Electrical Related Repair
2) Sanitary Related Repair
3) Popping/Dislodged Tiles Repair
4) Timbre Door/Metal Gate Repair
5) Rubbish Chute Repair
6) Aluminium Window and Handle Repair
7) Painting Repair Work (for severe paint peeling)

Eligibility Criteria: 
• Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
• Residing in North East District
• Combined Gross Monthly Household Income of $1900 and below; and/or Per Capita Income of $650 and below for Tier 1 assistance (free repair)
• Combined Gross Monthly Household income between $1901 to $3000; and/or Per Capita Income between $651 to $800 for Tier 2 assistance (Co-payment of 50%)