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  • GET UP Challenge

Complete goals to accumulate points to qualify for a sure win lucky spin

How to participate:

Step 1: Scan QR Code or click here and fill in your details accordingly. A link will be sent via SMS to your mobile number.


Step 2: Tap on link and access our GET UP event app

Step 3: Tap on the GET UP Challenge icon to view the goals to be completed


  • Technology showcase: Robotic Process Automation

The process of automating business operations with the help of robots to reduce human intervention is said to be Robotic Process Automation(RPA).

Robotic are entities which mimic human actions are called Robots.

A process is a sequence of steps which lead to meaningful activity. For example, the process of making coffee or cooking your favorite dish etc.

Automation is any process which is done by a robot without human intervention.

So, when we summarize all these terms together, then mimicking human actions to perform a sequence of steps, leading to a meaningful activity, without any human intervention is also known as Robotic Process Automation.

Visit our NTUC LearningHub Booth to understand how you can automate your routine work functions by using RPA

  • Participating Partners
  • National Library Board

The National Library Board (NLB) manages the National Library, 26 Public Libraries and the National Archives.

Access NLB’s eResources anytime, anywhere. With over 500,000 eBooks and audiobooks, and over 7,000 eNewspapers and eMagazines, reading on the go has never been easier! 

Scan the QR code below and download the NLB Mobile app now. Find resources right at your fingertips whenever, wherever! 



  • Smart Nation

Smart Nation is Singapore’s vision to be an economically competitive global city and a liveable home. It is a whole-of-nation movement to harness digital technologies to build a future Singapore, to improve living and build a closer community, empower citizens to achieve their aspirations through good jobs and opportunities, and encourage businesses to innovate and grow. For more information, please visit

  • Findjobs

Findjobs is a social enterprise under raiSE Singapore with a mission to harness technology to bring online jobs to the offline users. Our products include Findjobs app, 找工 app, Cari Kerja app and Smart Job Kiosk for offline jobseekers