GET READY is a localised effort to offer a one stop service to North East residents in the areas of Employment, Employability and Upskilling. The package aims to bring together services from various agencies to provide a comprehensive support for residents.

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Services under GET READY

Sign up to GET READY here to gain access to the following services:

  1. Career Coaching and Job Referrals
  2. Employability Workshops & Upskilling Programmes
  3. Curated SkillsFuture Courses 
  4. SMS Blast for Job Fairs and Training Workshops

List of Curated SkillsFuture Courses

Choose up to 2 curated SkillsFuture Courses* from the list below to attend for free when you sign up for GET READY. Each resident is only entitled to attend two courses. Limited slots are available.

  • Digital Skills
    • SF@PA (SA) Guide to E-Payments
    • SF@PA (SA) Surfing the Internet
    • SF@PA (SA) Photo Editing with Smartphone
    • SF@PA (SA) E-Commerce Learning Journey at Visa
    • SF@PA (SA) Stay Connected with WhatsApp
    • SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace
  • Enhanced Work-Related Skills
    • The Global Halal Economy: Developing a Business Model
    • Business Entrepreneurship of Design: How to Position and Brand Yourself
    • Understanding Mindsets and Markets of the New China Economy
    • Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War Strategy in Modern Business
    • Gearing Up to be Cross-Culturally Effective
    • Staying Relevant in the Digital Economy
    • Creativity and Innovation Workshop
  • Health & Wellness
    • SF@PA (SA) Palm Therapy
    • SF@PA (SA) Understanding your Body Through TCM
    • SF@PA (SA) Acupressure Massage
    • Healthy Eating for Golden Ages
    • Diet and Nutrition: Healthy Diet for Healthy Ageing (Mandarin)
  • Personal Development
    • CoC in Career Portfolio Preparation (Enhancing Professional Digital Presence)
    • CoC in Entrepreneurship 101 (Target Market with Data Analytics)
    • CoC in in Urban Farming (Soil & Planting Techniques)
    • CoC in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Beginners
    • The Network Navigator Give to Grow

*North East Community Development Council may collect, use and disclose personal data, which has been provided through the application for the GET READY package for administrative purposes, in accordance with the prevailing Personal Data Protection Act.


Sign up now for the GET READY Package or visit our Job Placement Centres or PMET Resource Centre to sign up.