At North West Community Development Council (CDC), every resident is valuable. That is why we make the well-being of each resident our business. This year is no different; we continue to embrace the vision of building a Caring and Healthy North West Community through breaking new grounds on various fronts.

Bigger Positive Impact

Undoubtedly, our sights may be focused on creating a better future, but we are mindful to ensure that our residents, regardless of their challenges, can keep pace with the development. This year, above and beyond the $2,200,000 disbursed under North West Local Assistance Schemes and Programmes, the active support from our Club-100 @ North West and North West Fundraising Concert donors had enabled us to widen our reach to benefit 14,800 households and 3,900 students from North West Food Aid Fund and North West Student Support Fund respectively.

More Programme Ownership

This heightened spirit of care was also a dominant theme for many ground-up programmes at North West CDC, including the Project I-Care @ North West programme organised by the Singapore Women’s Association and Singapore National Eye Centre, and the Tri-Generational HomeCare @ North West programme initiated by a group of medical students from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. 

Notably, the Tri-Generational HomeCare @ North West programme was not only set up to be sustainable and scalable, the programme also scored on many other counts. Participating NUS and secondary school students learnt important life lessons from their exposure to the programme; they also fostered strong bonds with their assigned seniors.

Greater Community Engagement

As important as it is to foster a caring environment, we recognise the necessity to keep our North West District residents healthy. After all, health is wealth. For that reason, we adopted an active approach to sustain our 80,040 members’ interest in close to 315 healthy living clubs in the North West District. Apart from introducing cross-activity components into our regular healthy living sessions such as health qigong routines with brisk walking, we also organised thematic events like North West Eco Trails, North West 15Km Brisk Walk Challenge and North West SwimSafer Day. 

Similarly, our green programmes had grown in popularity among the North West District residents in FY2018. While 109,000kg of sorted recyclables were collected at Recycle @ North West, the Reduce @ North West also registered 3,500 students’ participation in spreading the energy conservation message. 

In review, this year had been fruitful. We saw 117,000 residents taking part in over 1,300 programmes organised in FY2018. Underscoring our achievements were our supportive North West District residents, 5,000 active volunteers, and corporate and community partners. Everyone had pitched in to empower our progress. For that, I will like to say a big “Thank you”.

Dr Teo Ho Pin
Mayor of North West District