North West Brisk Walking Club members pause for a photo at railway tracks along the green corridor during the North West 15km Challenge 
Take steps towards a healthier and happier life!

Officially launched in 2002, the North West Brisk Walking Club has grown to become the largest brisk walking club in Singapore.
Members from the North West Brisk Walking Club head for weekly walks around their residential estates, and are treated to occasional brisk walking trips around different scenic locations in Singapore. Novelty brisk walk events had been organised for the members, such as the North West 15 Km Brisk Walk Challenge and North West Walk N Shop. In addition to staying healthy, brisk walking is also a great platform for the members to bond and make friends.

Each division in the North West District is represented by a North West Brisk Walking Club Champion, who is assisted by Brisk Walking Club Coordinators of the respective clubs. The coordinators organise walks, recruit members and are in charge of club activities.

In 2014, North West CDC launched the “Brisk Walking Plus One” campaign to rally residents to take up brisk walking and one more physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle among residents.

Residents who are interested in joining the North West Brisk Walking Club may proceed to their nearest RC. Alternatively, you may contact Eileen Low at