The North West Food Aid Fund (FAF) is a local assistance scheme administered by the North West CDC.  It aims to complement the National ComCare Scheme by supporting needy residents who do not meet the National ComCare scheme criteria but are still in need of help to defray their household expenses. Each year, North West CDC needs close to $1 million for the North West FAF to assist an average of 10,000 needy households annually. The fund supports the provision of North West Food Rations and North West Food Vouchers.  

In addition, to enable those who are unable to cook their own meals due to medical, physical or intellectual disability, the North West FAF also assists these needy households through the North West Cooked Meal Delivery which provides delivery of cooked meals to these clients.  

North West CDC sustains the North West FAF through the following approaches:

1. GIRO donations

The CDC gathers support from the Community through GIRO donations from the public to contribute to the North West FAF specifically.

2. Club-100 @ North West

The Club-100 @ North West was set up in May 2008 to promote the culture of giving back and serve as a network for corporate and individual members to pledge a monthly donation of $100 (or more) of their net profit or income to worthy causes for the benefit of the community.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects

North West CDC gathers support from corporate organisations and community partners by tapping on their expertise and resources for collaborations as part of their CSR efforts.

For more information on the various scheme provided in North West FAF, please contact North West CDC at