The North West Student Support Fund is a fund set up by the North West Community Development Council (CDC) to provide upstream education and developmental programmes to increase the social mobility of students from low-income families through donations from members of the public, community and corporate organisations.

Each year, the North West CDC needs close to $1,000,000 to benefit 5,000 students. 

With the aim of increasing social mobility of low-income students, we hope to enable and develop their potential through early educational bridges under two social mobility pillars, "Student Assist" and "Student Wise" Programmes.

(I) Student Assist Programme

(a) A Heart for Students Programme/ A Heart for Special Students Programme
  • Donors make donations to help needy students in terms of school pocket money, textbooks, etc.
  • Donations are matched by CDC so schools have double the amount
(b) WeCare @ North West - Ready for School
  • Bursaries are given to Kindergarten students to prepare them for their formal education in primary school
(II) Student Wise Programme

(a) North West Student Wise Enrichment Programme
  • Students learn about good manners, public speaking skills and attend motivational workshops to build confidence and improve their inter-personal skills in social settings
(b) North West-POSB Matched Savings Programme
  • A programme with a partnering bank that matches the students' savings
  • Students are encouraged to develop the habit of savings and money management skills
"Besides helping the needy families through the CDC's local assistance schemes, we wish to extend our reach to their children who may be at a disadvantage because of their financial background."
- Dr Teo Ho Pin, Mayor of North West District

Together, let us help the less fortunate students!
To donate and for more information, please write to us at