Green Homes @ North West


Green Homes @ North West is an initiative to encourage North West District residents to embrace Green Living at home through eco-friendly practices and purchase of energy efficient appliances.



Recycle @ North West


Recycle @ North West is a programme to encourage active recycling among residents in the North West District and create bonding among residents through a common platform at the recycling points.

North West Dance-Fit Club


The North West Dance-Fit Club was launched in 2007 to promote a healthy lifestyle in residents through dancing. Members have weekly gatherings to dance and workout which help to improve their strength, stamina and flexibility levels.



Reduce @ North West


Reduce @ North West was launched in 2011 to educate and encourage residents to do their part in fighting climate change by reducing energy consumption.



North West Health Qigong Club


Working together with Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association (Singapore), the North West Health Qigong Club was officially launched to promote a healthy lifestyle through regular qigong exercise.

North West Aerobics Club


The North West Aerobics Club was first started in 2008 to foster closer family and community bonding, and to encourage residents to lead a healthy lifestyle through weekly aerobics sessions.



Mozzie Watch Keeper @ North West

Mozzie Watch Keeper @ North West is an interactive mobile application to create awareness of the importance of Dengue/Zika prevention to students and residents, and make North West District a safer place by protecting residents against Dengue and Zika.

H.A.B.IT @ North West

Through a series of skits, litter picking sessions, and display of panels, standees and table stickers, H.A.B.IT. @ North West aims to reduce the number of people throwing rubbish irresponsibly by educating and influencing their behaviour towards littering and urging residents to ‘Hold on to their rubbish And Bin IT and make it a habit’.



North West Eco Trails

North West Eco Trails features 10 different scenic routes nestled in the North West District for residents to explore thriving flora and fauna in the wilderness of Singapore’s green lungs.

Waterways Clean-up @ North West


Waterways Clean-up @ North West is an initiative with Waterways Watch Society (WWS) that aims to impart the importance of protection and conservation within our waterways to primary and secondary schools in the district through assembly talk on environmental awareness programmes and litter monitoring programmes.



Bright Spots @ North West

Bright Spots @ North West seeks to reverse the littering trend in public spaces through learning about the littering problem and encouraging schools to adopt nearby precincts. 

Eco CC @ North West

Eco CC @ North West was launched to support Community Centres and Clubs (CCs), important community touch points, in the adoption of green practices to inculcate a culture of green living among residents in the North West District. 

North West Tai Chi Club

The North West Tai Chi Club promotes health maintenance through regular Tai Chi exercises, and provides a platform for Tai Chi practitioners to bond and forge friendships.