North West Life Saving Club

Calling all aspiring lifesavers! Are you passionate about saving lives and promoting water safety? Make a difference in your community and strengthen your water safety skills by joining the North West Life Saving Club!

North West SwimSafe Club

The North West SwimSafe Club aims to equip adults and seniors with basic swimming and water survival skills in a safe environment. Enjoy a full-body workout with subsidised swimming lessons and have fun in aqua aerobics and swimming carnivals too!

North West Health Qigong Club

Re-energise and revitalise your life with the North West Health Qigong Club! Learn how to relax your muscles and improve your health with gentle exercises that build vitality and stamina in a relaxing environment.

North West Tai Chi Club

Get together with fellow practitioners in the North West Tai Chi Club for healthier heart, muscle and mind! The ancient martial art of Tai Chi is based on coordination and relaxation, which helps to reduce blood pressure and build up strength.