3M Step-Up Challenge @ South East is a 5E* programme to inculcate a giving spirit among individuals and organisations by encouraging them to climb stair for a good cause. 

The partnership with 3M started in 2011 and we have raised over $240,000 worth of products for more than 4,000 vulnerable residents over the past three years.

Quotes from partner:

“3M as an organisation, we believe in giving back to the community. It is not just about sponsorship, but getting our people to be involved in the community.”

Mr Arthur Fong, 
Managing Director,
3M Singapore

“It is a very meaningful event as we give back to the society and help the elderly-in-need.”
Ms Jasmine Lin
SMU Red Cross Youth Chapter

*5E stands for using an Easy and Enjoyable activity that Encourages widespread participation within the community which Earns sponsorships for the needy. In doing so, SE CDC also Enlarges the value of the giving and thus enabling us to Enhance the community ownership and spirit.