Mr Adam Abdur Rahman, BBM, has been a passionate District Councillor (DC) since joining the South East CDC family in 2001. Despite his busy schedule as the Managing Director, Head of Corporate Affairs of Citi Singapore & ASEAN, Adam steadfastly held on to the belief that youths are the pillars of Singapore’s tomorrow, and dedicated much of his time to the Youth Committee. As Chairman of the Youth Committee, Adam led discussions and offered valuable advice and ideas to develop and implement programmes to engage the youths. Under his leadership, an EXCO structure is set up for two of the programmes in South East CDC, the Racial Harmony Youth Ambassador (RHYA) and Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Network programmes, to empower the youth volunteers to take up leadership roles within the programmes.  He established the alumni structure which provided a platform to continually engage the programme participants.  He had also introduced a Mentorship programme whereby each Youth committee member mentored one RHYA and one CommLab youth. 

It was through the Mentorship programme when Adam met Miss Nadia Ahmad Samdin, currently a South East DC as well. But Nadia did not start her journey with South East CDC as a DC. In 2005, at the age of 15, Nadia became a youth volunteer under the Y2Y Network. As an active volunteer, Nadia displayed outstanding leadership qualities, effective organisational and people skills, and a strong passion for the community and public sector work. She quickly took on leadership roles and headed several youth community projects such as the inter-school debates, as well as Y2Y Aspiration Camp1.

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Adam’s role as a mentor greatly impacted Nadia. Nadia affectionately remembers how Adam would always make time to attend many of the youth events, and always made the effort to ask each youth volunteer how their programs had taken off, and also how they were doing in their personal lives, such as with their studies, families, and interests. He was personable and genuine, and many of the youths respected him immensely. Adam was also aware of shifting life priorities and kept in touch to see if volunteering opportunities at South East CDC were still applicable and attractive to young people. For all his efforts and work with the youth, Nadia knew then that Adam's heart was rooted in the community and in youth development.

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In the eight years that Nadia was a youth volunteer, Adam became a mentor and friend. He imparted advice whenever Nadia asked for it, be it in her career or personal life, and often provided a listening ear. During youth committee meetings, he would always encourage the other DCs, Nadia included, to speak up and share their experiences. Adam has also never dismissed any idea. He would often encourage Nadia and fellow DCs to speak up and have a considered response to various issues and projects that were discussed. His mentorship and leadership was encouraging for Nadia and played a vital part of her community journey, and eventually, Nadia took on the role as the youngest DC.

*South East CDC has restructured our Focus Areas. Adam is now the Chairman of SG Harmony @ South East Committee.

The Y2Y Aspiration Camp is part of the South East Y2Y (Youth-to-youth) Network, which aims to empower youth beyond the school curriculum through capability building and community projects to reach out to other youth and the community. It creates a perspective in youth that community service can be interesting, meaningful and also serves as a channel for them to express their ideas. The network brings like-minded youth together through community projects, bonding activities and training sessions.