Angelinena, General Manager, General Affairs Division – Human Resource from Yusen Logistics, is a strong believer in giving back to society. So much so that she ropes in her fellow colleagues from Yusen Logistics to join her.

In 2018, through project Changi Business Park Gives, she came to partner South East CDC for the first time. This year, when Chinese New Year came around, it was intuitive for her to approach South East CDC. She had wanted to give hampers to elderly but was unsure which beneficiaries to reach out to. South East CDC connected her to one of our partners, NTUC Health Nursing Home, that houses seniors who are mostly wheelchair-bound.

Together with the senior management and Yusen Logistics Recreational Club, Angelinena arranged a meeting involving the staff of NTUC Health Nursing Home and South East CDC to better understand the profile of needs of these residents. Little that she expect, seniors needed only essentials such as medicated oil, Salonpas, tissue, face towels and coffee (no sugar). More ad hoc requests such as a sweater or a watch, also came through. Through the meeting, she understood that what meant more for the seniors was people spending time to interact with them as most of the staff were not able to converse in dialects.

Angelinena believed that giving should be more personal and not just be provided by her organisation. As such, she shared the ‘list of wishes’ with her fellow colleagues, where they ‘gifted’ the seniors’ wishes out of their own pockets. The enthusiasm was overwhelming – within an hour all the items were adopted by the staff! The items were later consolidated into hampers and given to the residents.

On 18 January 2019, the staff from Yusen Logistics spent a very meaningful day at the nursing home. They had a lot of fun with the seniors over the sing-along session and passing-the-parcel game. After which, all the staff, including the Managing Director and Head-of-Departments, gave out hampers, oranges and goodie bags to the seniors. The seniors also enjoyed a sumptuous lunch together with the staff from Yusen Logistics.

Angelinena with Seniors

As the pivotal role of this event, Angelinena was delighted to see the seniors communicating with her colleagues and spending quality time with them. She especially, found it a fruitful and heart-warming experience and a blessing to be able to spend time with the seniors.


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