Citi - Build Your Tomorrow @ South East (BYT) is a holistic career exposure programme that prepares secondary school students to explore their career options and increase their employability by equipping them with the relevant attitude, skills and knowledge. 


Career Talks and Workplace Visits - Enhance students' knowledge about working culture, job roles and the competencies required in various industries.

Career Exploration sessions - Enable students to understand work functions across various industries through activities and case scenarios experienced by working professionals.

Career Simulation exercises - Expose students to experiencing career-dependent decision-making, the challenges of mid-career transitions and to instil positive attributes for future upgrading of skills.

Skills Development workshops - Allowing students to choose and learn new skills based on their interests. They will then further develop one skill through four or five weekly sessions in which they will showcase their product, portfolio or learnings at a finale showcase.

For more information, please contact Mr. Justin Ng at or 6432 1305