Community Laboratory @ South East was piloted in 2011, a Community Service Leadership programme which engages students through the 4I Approach. This allow students to experience in “real” community experiments and to raise their social consciousness and to design solutions to address the issues.

4I Approach

Stage 1: Induction
Enhancing awareness if social Climate and the role of South East CDC within the Community.

Stage 2: Immersion
Instilling a sense of social responsibility through interaction with residents, home visits, hosting partner attachments and project consultation.

Stage 3: Intervention
Pitching of ideas and Initiating of student-led community projects to address service gaps and create social experiences.

Stage 4: Immersion
Consolidating the experience to build volunteerism for community projects and role modelling community spirit.

Community Laboratory @ South East Alumni

Alumni members takes on the role of Mentors to guide the new cohorts of Community Laboratory students, they also create community projects to serve other segments of the community and engaging in bonding activities within the Alumni.

Positive feedback from participants:

"We were teaching the students from APSN Katong School on how to tie their aprons. It is a simple task for regular people, however, it took them almost 20 minutes for them to learn it. It struck to me that we are very lucky people and we should do our best to help children with special needs."
Yiik Chia
Hwa Chong Institution

"Making a difference through our projects gave our team a sense of accomplishment, I am looking forward to mentoring the future cohorts!"
Keana Ng
Junior College Year 1
Community Laboratory Alumni

For more information, please contact: 
Lim Bee Hwee at E-mail: or 6432 1315