CP Skips for Good Food @ South East is a 5E* programme to inculcate a giving spirit among individuals and organisations by encouraging them to skip for a good cause. 

The partnership with Charoen Pokphand started in 2012 and we have raised over $180,000 worth of food products for more than 6,000 vulnerable families.
“CP skips is an example of a programme which not only benefit the needy in the community but also encourages active corporate citizenry & youth volunteerism. These efforts across the spectrum in the community are very heartening.”

Dr Maliki Osman
Mayor of South East District
Quote From Participant

“The 12 hours of skipping is tough, but we persevere on, so that the needy families will be blessed with good food from sponsors.”

Ms Madeleine Png
Broke the Singapore Book of Record for 12-hour individual skipping 

*5E stands for using an Easy and Enjoyable activity that Encourages widespread participation within the community which Earns sponsorships for the needy. In doing so, SE CDC also Enlarges the value of the giving and thus enabling us to Enhance the community ownership and spirit.