South East CDC seeks to engage four key stakeholders within the community (Homes, Schools, Grassroots Organisations and Corporate Organisations). This contributes towards developing networks in which stakeholders can share their resources and multiply their efforts. 




Eco Kepalas 

With a three-year partnership agreement between South East CDC, National Environment Agency (NEA) and participating schools, we intend to groom students to become Eco Kepalas or environmental champions. 
Through design thinking workshops, and hands-on community exposure through ground observations, surveys and interactions with communities, our Eco Kepalas will be tasked to come up with solutions that address environmental issues in their community. This also helps to foster pro-environmental mind-sets and environment stewardship in them. 
Funding will then be provided for them to implement and pre-test their design solutions, in hopes that their initiatives will benefit the community. 
Structure of Eco Kepalas @ South East School


Eco Networking Sessions


A platform to encourage regular sharing, networking and capacity building amongst the various community stakeholders, these networking sessions strive to inform teachers about the available programmes and funding from the various agencies and organisations.