Tjie Minn, more popularly known as TJ, might raise an eyebrow if you tell her that she is an inspiring woman. But she gamely shared some traits of what makes an inspiring woman – passion, drive and a heart of gratitude.

We caught TJ during the Corporate Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon @ South East earlier to understand her journey to becoming an active volunteer. After all, it is common to hear many of us unable to find time amidst our busy schedules. TJ is no different: with her work and family, among other commitments, which takes up much of her time.

“But everyone hasn’t had enough time. So it is just adjustment,” TJ quipped. And she leads by example. “I try to spread awareness through my own social media account and get my circle of friends to join me,” TJ shared.


That was just being humble. From the start of her volunteering days, she has actively organised activities to help different groups of people, focusing efforts in seniors and children. Her volunteering varies from activities for the masses such as Walk for Rice and children’s carnivals, to projects that require a lot more dedication in terms of time and effort, such as Corporate Community Laboratory and Digital Clinic, where she help seniors in smartphone queries, spend time painting, playing Rummy-o with the seniors, and even brought seniors for Art Jamming at LionheART studio. In total, she has mobilised more than 900 friends and their families to volunteer and participate in activities for good causes, and helped more than 800 residents over the past three years.


“Time continues to be a concern to everyone, but what better way to connect with friends than to meaningfully spend time together volunteering over the weekends?”, exclaimed TJ.

Currently, other than volunteering with South East CDC, TJ volunteers with 四维俱乐部 (See Mee Club) too.

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