Mental health issues are often complex cases that have a lasting impact on the immediate family unit, and also the community at large. Often, these issues may not be addressed adequately due to lack of knowledge and coordination amongst the community partners.

South East CDC and MacPherson division initiated the MacPherson Community Mental Wellness Programme to aggregate access to resources to address these issues. In 2013, the first workshop on community mental wellness was organised for local community partners to share on challenges they face with these residents. Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) provided training and advice on how best to handle these challenges. The CDC and AIC then mapped out an initial blueprint, gathering further ground intelligence and solutions to effectively manage residents with mental health or behaviour issues.

Over the next three years, South East CDC, together with AIC, IMH and community partners, aims to roll out workshops in the South East District. Each of the divisions will be able to expect customised workshops to meet the needs of every division. 

Volunteers and South East residents can also expect talks every year, targeted to increase general awareness on what Mental Wellness is about, as well as to reduce stigma in the community. Residents will learn to be more receptive to those with mental health issues, as well as how they can provide support to patients in recovery to help them feel more at home in the community.