Walk for Rice (WFR) @ South East was conceptualised in 2009 under the 5E* approach to encourage the more-able individuals or organisations such as Grassroots Organisations (GROs), schools, Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), and corporations in the community to participate in a simple activity, such as walking, to raise rice for the needy families in the South East District. 

This helps to strengthen the social infrastructure by encouraging the community to participate and forge stronger relationships with one another, promote Active Citizenry as well as Nurture Volunteerism by empowering the different community partners with the abilities to customise their walking events and contribute towards this good cause.


Walk for Rice has attracted good feedback from various participants:

"For us, this is not just a "Rice distribution" - we had the chance to meet with people from diverse backgrounds, and behind every door that opened for us, we could catch a glimpse of it. This made it a very unique experience for us.”

Ms Margit Fischer, Senior Manager
Ernst & Young Solutions LLP
Rice Distribution at Thye Hua Kwan (THK) Bedok Radiance SAC

“Today, we have youth volunteers from ITE College East and Scouts from the various schools. Through this event, we hope to cultivate a passion in them for community service.” 

Mr Lai Yi Feng
Bedok CC YEC Secretary
Rice distribution at Bedok CC 

"Our team is very motivated, knowing that the distance we walk makes a difference to the amount of staple food that the needy will receive. As such, we are really encouraging each other to press on.” 

Calvin Tan, Expedition Leader
Bukit View Secondary School
OBS participant at Pulau Ubin 

*5E involves using an Easy and Enjoyable activity that Encourages widespread participation within the community which Earns sponsorships for the needy. In doing so, SE CDC also Enlarges the value of the giving and thus enabling us to Enhance the community ownership and spirit.