The Housing Development Board (HDB) started Interim Rental Housing (IRH) to address the concerns of households which have exhausted all housing options. Two or more families will be assigned a flat, one family to a bedroom; sharing the common area. 
However, this solution can only serve as an immediate relief to their housing needs and does not solve the underlying social problem. Therefore, P4650 was incepted in 2012 to coordinate the help, intervention and services for the needy families residing in IRH. 
It was observed that these families present more complex and multi-faceted issues. Hence, stakeholders such as HDB, Grassroots Organisations (GRO), Centre for Promoting Alternative to Violence (PAVE), Singapore Children’s Society (SCS), Mendaki, Singapore Police Force, Liong Construction and others work closely to support them (and their neighbours) in adapting to the evolving environment. 
Various services covering different areas are introduced or developed after their needs are carefully assessed.


For example: 
(i) Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP) by Mendaki
  • This programme hopes to assist underperforming Primary 3 to 6 students to further develop their potential in their studies. 
(ii) HomeWork Café (HWC) by Youth Executive Committee (YEC)

  • Students looking for a conducive studying environment to complete their school work with fewer distractions can visit Siglap Community Centre. Volunteers will be around to help take care of the HomeWork Cafe and to assist students with their homework. 
  • The main group is Primary 1 to 6 students. Existing pool of Secondary students who have been attending HWC or walk-ins are included. 
(iii) KidzREACH by SCS 
  • This programme aims to develop character and confidence in the children through weekly engagement.
(iv) Parenting Workshops by Mendaki (and MAEC)
  • Parents who wish to be equipped with parenting skills and knowledge can attend. Possible topics are parenting approaches, financial literacy and more. 
(v) Befriending by People’s Association Women Executive Committee (WEC) 
  • WEC makes home visits to share on programmes which families can attend and at the same time ensure that they are doing fine in the community.
(vi) Social Work Intervention and support by PAVE
  • Assist families in achieving self-reliance and working towards their charted housing pathways
(vii) Inter-agency Meeting
  • Quarterly meetings are held amongst the stakeholders for regular updates on the families’ progress and sharing of challenges as well as synergie efforts to support P4650 residents.

Dr. Maliki Osman provides the overall direction for this project in his capacity as both Mayor for South East District and Adviser to Siglap Grassroots Organisations (GROs). With Dr. Maliki at the helm, South East CDC and Siglap Constituency Office form the joint secretariat team to provide support and coordination to P4650 and the project partners, as well as, strategic oversight and planning for the overall project.