The Racial Harmony Youth Ambassador (RHYA) programme is set up by the South East CDC in March 2002 for youth to do their part for racial harmony. Since then, over 3,000 youths have gone through the programme. The programme targets National Education (NE) ambassadors (or equivalent). Participants start off with a training camp, the RHYA Experience Camp. After the camp, the CDC will provide exposure and engage the youths to initiate meaningful projects to promote racial and social harmony.


RHYA Induction Camp

Our annual RHYA Induction Camp held during the March holidays, deploys fun and engaging curriculum to train participants. This includes project management skills, public speaking skills and knowledge about the major ethnicities in Singapore. As part of the experience during the camp, participants will conduct a survey with religious organisations.


South East International Friendship Camp (IFC)


South East CDC started the International Friendship Camp (IFC) in 2013. The camp creates a community of youth volunteers who actively promote understanding and interaction between the international and local community. The camp, usually held in late Nov/early Dec, is also an informal platform for local and international students to interact with each other.