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South East CDC is proud to kick off the Singapore Bicentennial Roadshow coming right into the heartlands! Taking place from 13 to 21 April 2019 at Wisma Geylang Serai, come join our exciting activities such as interactive exhibition, storytelling, food fair, optional guided visits to selected heritage sites, and a series of events catered to children! This will be the best opportunity for you to reflect on the 200 years of Singapore history, and the 500 years prior to that!

Roadshow will feature fun programmes such as: 

Take a trip down memory lane with our ‘live’ story-telling shows about the past. The stories told, although personal, is surprisingly relatable to most adult Singaporeans as it reminds us of the times we had as a kid. There are many different stories to hear from, so what are you waiting for? Check them out at the selected time slots below and come for the shows!

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Heritage Trail 

Take a trip with us to learn more about the various cultures in Singapore! South East CDC in partnership with Geylang Serai CC’s Integration and Naturalising Champions to bring complimentary visits to selected Heritage Sites! Join us and partake in heritage trails to places such as Char Yong (Dabu) Association, the Khadijah Mosque, the Khadijah Mosque, the former Geylang Serai Fire Station, the Haig Road Market & Food Centre and the Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery! 

Colouring Activities 

What are the eight wonders of Singapore? Come discover with your children as they learn through colouring art pieces by local illustrator Edmund Chen!  Submit your completed artwork and grab a limited-edition toy model of a sailing ship or bicentennial merchandise, while stocks last!

Buzzfeed Quiz: Understanding Your DNA 
Discover the person you could be in the past (up to 200 years ago) by taking a short quiz! Panels of historically significant figures and personalities of Singapore will be displayed in the Roadshow, read about them and realise that we are not as different as we think we are. Simply answer a series of 4 questions and find out which historical personality you are most similar to. Each participant will also be given a set of postcards as memorabilia of the event! 

Polaroid Photo Taking 
The dreams of Singaporeans build the future of Singapore. 
Share the aspirations you have for yourself and Singapore by taking part in our photo-taking booth! Contribute to our polaroid wall by taking a polaroid photo of yourself and write your aspirations behind the printout. You can also explore what others have written about their aspirations for themselves and Singapore! 

Lego Mural 

Learn about the past of key iconic features in the South East District by looking at mural displays, all in the creative form of your favourite childhood toy, Lego! These murals depict the lives of Singaporeans all the way back to the 1800s! 

Food Bazaar
Relive your childhood days by surrounding yourself with your old-time favourite snacks at the Bicentennial Bazaar! The Bazaar will be selling a variety of traditional snacks like gandos, putu piring, air batu campur, kacang puteh, dumplings and vintage ice-cream. Additionally, catch the vespa scooters on both Saturdays, 13 and 20 April (5 to 7pm) and Harley Davidson display on both Sundays, 14 and 21 April (5 to 7pm)! 

Traditional Stalls 

Introduce your kids to the games that you used to play in the past by getting them to participate in our Tikum booths! Then, end the day by munching on traditional biscuits and washing it down with your favourite Teh Tarik! 
*Teh Tarik and Tikum booths will only be set up during the weekends at selected timings 

Special Giveaway
Follow us on Instagram @southeastcdc and like us on Facebook @secdc and you get to bring home an exclusive bicentennial souvenir, while stock last!