SkillsFuture Advice is a community outreach initiative to raise awareness on SkillsFuture initiatives amongst Singaporeans and to encourage everyone to adopt a lifelong learning mind-set.

It is a collaboration between SkillsFuture Singapore, People’s Association (PA), specifically the Community Development Councils (CDCs), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). 

Each session of the SkillsFuture Advice Workshop is 90 minutes where participants will get to learn:

  1. New Work Changes e.g. Automation, Digitalisation

  2. Your Work Interests through Holland Code (RIASEC) Test 

  3. How to navigate MySkillsFuture portal

  4. SkillsFuture programme and initiatives for skills upgrading and career planning

  5. Hands on exploration (if time permits)

Join our SkillsFuture Advice #SESFA2020 workshop for a fun and stimulating time.

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