P4650 Outreach cum Luncheon with Mayor

by South East CDC


On 28 February 2015, South East CDC organised the P4650 Outreach cum Luncheon with the Mayor, launching concurrenly the Grow Up Milk Fund, a programme co-funded by Serial Systems and South East CDC to defray the cost of formula milk powder for the less-privileged.

The day comprised of activities such as the celebrity nutrition session and booth activities by Bedok South NPC, PAVE, NTU’s The Right Choice, RHYA & Siglap’s Malay Executive Committee and balloon folding by volunteers. Residents under the P4650 project went home with smiles as they went home with goodie bags packed by Siglap’s Women Executive Committee.

Volunteering with South East CDC

by South East CDC
We believe it's our responsibility to serve our volunteers, so they can in turn serve the community with their passion! Hear …

Learning Family Programme 17 October 2015

by South East CDC


On 17 October 2017, South East CDC organised the graduation of the Learning Family Programme 2015 at Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre. The graduation started with an address by Mr Lee Yi Shian, Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs, followed by performances entitled “The Story of French Fries” by the children, and “Ties That Bond” by the parents.

Through the programme, the parents and children learnt together to better understand each other and the importance of communication. Families shared positive testimonials of a new found understanding on how to be more caring parents and better role models for their children.


Mental Wellness Community Programme

by South East CDC


As part of the Mental Wellness Community Programme, Grassroots Training Workshops were conducted to train participants in identifying and engaging with residents who display symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression.

This training aimed to help volunteers feel more comfortable and confident in handling the residents, and improve interactions when conducting day to day operations and home visits.


South East District Meeting 2016

by South East CDC


The 2016 South East District Meeting was held on 28 July 2016 to share on South East CDC’s past achievements in the Financial Year of 2015, and the CDC’s plans moving forward. The event hosted more than 500 guests which included Grassroots Advisers, District Councillors, Government Agency Representatives, Community partners and volunteers and reflected interest in the work of SECDC’s role as a social broker in the community.

Mayor addressed the CDC’s plans moving forward, touching on different topics such as Health and Ageing and Social Cohesion. He summarised that community building is a process and that will require constant planning, coordination and collaboration as the needs of the community will continuously evolve. The District Meeting concluded with a dialogue session with the audience.

NextGen Leadership Award Ceremony

by South East CDC


On 30th August, NextGen Leadership Award Ceremony awarded a total of 60 recipients, 51 from schools and 9 from GROs. The recipients were invited for an engagement session, including a dialogue with Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Patron of the Marine Parade Leadership Foundation.

The programme aimed to recognise young leaders and engage them to be more involved in community leadership through dialogue and activities. The youth leaders also had to opportunity to meet and network with the MPLF’s Board Members during the engagement.

Learning Family Programme 31 October 2015

by South East CDC


On 31 October 2017, South East CDC organised the graduation of the Learning Family Programme 2015 at LEAP School House. The day was filled with performances and interactive activities such as learning sign language and baking pizzas. This was done to give parents and children the opportunity to bond and communicate effectively.

Ms Jessica Tan, Grassroots Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs, gave the closing address and participating families went home well-equipped with knowledge on how to better interact with their children.