Dear Residents of the South East District,

Happy 2020! We welcome the new decade with hope for Singapore’s continued progress as we ride the various tides that come our way. We must face the challenges of climate change head-on to sustain future generations. This means each of us has a role to play in protecting the environment in every way possible.  

In South East District, we have embarked on our signature eco programme, the I’m an Eco Auditor initiative. We first launched EnergySaving Edward in 2018 to promote energy conservation by residents in  the South East. During the launch of the South East Clean and Green Singapore Carnival 2019 , we introduced Zero-Waste Zoe and distributed reusable water bottles for our residents so that they would reduce their use of plastic bottles. 

We also launched the Eco Shop Me @ South East campaign to encourage shops to be part of the zero-waste effort. Participating shops introduced innovative programmes, such as incentivising patrons to bring their own containers in return for complimentary items. We hope more shops will enrol in this programme. We continue to work with Eco Kepalas in our schools to lead various eco initiatives, as we believe that starting young will ensure a generation of environmentally conscious citizens in the future. 

As responsible global citizens, we all must do our part to save the environment. We have international obligations to fulfil, and it starts with all of us. At South East CDC, we will support efforts towards achieving this end. We hope that, together, we can make South East District an ecofriendly and eco-conscious district. 

May I wish you, once again, a very happy new year — may 2020 be filled with much happiness and success!

Dr Maliki Osman
Mayor, South East District
Grassroots Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs
And MP for East Coast GRC