Dear Residents of the South East District,

In today’s age of technological advances, “lifelong learning” is a key phrase that Singaporeans are becoming accustomed to. We need to embrace technology and accept that it will be a part of our everyday lives. We need to take advantage of it to enhance our well-being and strengthen our communities. South East CDC has started our journey in facilitating this for our residents. We collaborated with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) and our corporate partners and brought the “Digital Clinic” programme to our seniors in the community. Seniors took advantage of the one-on-one consultation with our volunteers to learn more on how they can use their mobile devices to connect and communicate with their loved ones, as well as access critical information that they need.

Lifelong learning is also about acquiring new skillsets that will continue to be relevant in the future. We rolled out our “SkillsFuture Advice” workshop series to reach out to you so that you know how to access important training and upgrading resources. Also, through the weekly legal clinics that we offer, we noticed that many Singaporeans still lack a good grasp of various aspects of the law. Thus, we continue our partnership with Singapore Law Society Pro Bono Services to provide the Law Talk series as part of our Law Awareness Weeks (LAWs)@CDC. These talks are conducted in various languages to cater to the needs of different segments of our community. We have received very good feedback from participants and will continue to organise more of these.

Beyond learning for individual pursuits, we facilitate learning to benefit others. Many residents want to step forward and contribute as volunteers but are concerned that they may not have the necessary skills to do so. This is especially so in the context of being befrienders to those with specific needs in the community. Thus, to augment our various volunteering programmes, we organised training sessions for our volunteers so that they feel confident in doing their work. Our Health Peers programme for example, sees our befrienders being trained in various aspects of health and well-being and how they can reach out and connect with their neighbours in need.

South East CDC continues to play a proactive role in identifying and meeting the emerging needs of our residents as we strive to build a strong and cohesive community. We look forward to your active participation as we empower our community to do more for each other.

Dr Maliki Osman
Mayor, South East District
Grassroots Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs
And MP for East Coast GRC