Dear Residents of the South East District,

These past 5 months have been very challenging times for Singapore as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak is unprecedented and the Government has since introduced four budget packages to help Singaporeans manage the crisis. This is true test of our resilience and tenacity as a people.

At the community level, South East CDC has also been working hard to support the Government's initiatives and help different groups manage the challenges related to COVID-19. With the Circuit Breaker measures in place, many elderly struggle to understand why they are not allowed to leave home for their regular exercise and get-together sessions. We are working with our partners to call and check in with them regularly to ensure that they are well and provide them with the necessary support.

We have also been providing meal allowances to our children living in rental flats through our collaboration with Grab Singapore. In all, 800 children from the South East District have benefited from this programme. We are heartened that many donors have also come forward to provide timely support and we will ensure that these resources reach those in need. Our ethnic and religious communities have been making significant adjustments to their spiritual practices. Many religious celebrations have had to be adjusted and conducted in innovative ways.

Similarly, we will celebrate our 55th National Day this year differently, given that we must continue to observe safe distancing and other measures. This should not however dampen our spirits. On the contrary, it presents an excellent opportunity for us to search deep within ourselves for the strength and willpower to stand together as One Singapore, and show the world what we are made of.

SGUnited is more than a movement — it is a spirit that exists in each of us. Our actions reflect the true spirit of SGUnited. Our Pioneer and Merdeka generations have shown us that we can overcome challenges that come our way. It is now our turn to carry on this legacy and triumph over COVID-19.

Dr Maliki Osman

Mayor, South East District

Grassroots Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs

And MP for East Coast GRC