Dear Residents of the South East District,


The month of May welcomes the Holy Month of Ramadhan where Muslims observe the fast from dawn to dusk to experience the plight of the poor in society. We also celebrated Vesak Day, where our Buddhist community commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha, which are all said to have happened on the same date. In June, we celebrated Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and in July we will celebrate Racial Harmony Day to remind us of the unique situation we have in Singapore — a small yet racially- and religiously-diverse society living in peace and harmony.

Racial and religious harmony is always a work in progress, given that we will continue to face varying challenges, internally and externally. The role of community leaders and volunteers is crucial in bringing various communities together and fostering an appreciation of the common spaces that we have. We must continue to celebrate commonalities and respect our differences.

At South East CDC, we continue to work with our community partners in bringing forth programmes that strengthen our social cohesion and maintain our harmony. The interfaith engagement programme, “Common Senses for Common Spaces” series, which was piloted at South East CDC, has now been scaled up to the national level and helps Singaporeans remain conscious of their roles in upholding our values of multiracialism. We welcome you to participate actively in this programme.

Singapore is a special red dot! It is the marvel of many not only for its miraculous economic achievements but also the harmony it has maintained, where diversity is celebrated and social cohesion is held as a premium. Let us continue to work together to build a cohesive South East community and contribute to a stronger Singapore.

Dr Maliki Osman
Mayor, South East District
Grassroots Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs
And MP for East Coast GRC