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For a Green District

Sustainable South West

The Sustainable South West (SSW) is a sustainability masterplan that will steer the district's sustainability efforts in the next 10 years, to build a more liveable and sustainable South West District. SSW aims to nurture a community that is environmentally conscious, practises an eco-lifestyle and demonstrates community ownership.

Developed by the community for the community, the SSW is a culmination of voices, views and input from South West residents from all walks of life.

Click here to view the e-version of the Sustainable South West masterplan.

This is the Sustainable South West masterplan, front cover. It is A4 size with a green background and has a reflective circle in the centre that reads "A sustainable future starts with you."

Green Spaces @ South West

Ten years of nurturing greenery and community ties culminate in the milestone celebration of achieving 1,000,000 Native Plants @ South West, which saw more than one million native plants seeded across more than 150 gardens in the district by more than 3,000 community gardeners over 10 years.

Succeeding 1,000,000 Native Plants @ South West, Green Spaces @ South West will grow an inclusive, caring and active community by transforming community gardens into green spaces that promote:

(i) Life - Where community gardens are inclusive, aesthetic and productive, and are open to all.

(ii) Learn - Where garden volunteers gain relevant and new knowledge to enhance the community experience in these green spaces.

(iii) Love - Where residents care and share for the vulnerable, who can be meaningfully engaged at these spaces and enjoy the garden harvest together.

1,000,000 Native Plants @ South West

Tree planting in Singapore dates back to 1963, when our founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew, launched the first Tree Planting Day. Since then, the greening of Singapore has been an unending effort in the city-state.

1,000,000 Native Plants @ South West is a 10-year initiative to instil passion and awareness of the environment. Our aim is to have 1,000,000 native plants in our community which will be pledged towards the United Nations Environment Programme’s Billion Tree Campaign. We believe we can do it together with YOUR support!


You can contribute in creating a greener society, to improve and enhance our living environment for future generations to come.

Let us take this first step together – for the future!